Student/Parent/Guardian Keywords

Use these keywords on student and parent/guardian records.

Celebrant Names

Names of those who celebrate Mass or perform other services. For example: "Rev. Williams" and "Father Jones".

Ministry Names

Types of ministries you can post to individuals' records, like "Altar Server", "Choir", and "Deacon".

Preparation Class Names

Classes that parents/guardians attend to prepare for something. For example: "Baptism", "Eucharist", and "Reconciliation".

Sacrament Date Names

The sacraments you can use on students' Sacrament Date List.

Service/Retreat Names

Services or retreats that students attend, such as "Carnival", "Community Service", and "Confirmation Retreat".

Sponsor/Witness Types

Types of sponsors and witnesses for student sacraments, like "Christian Witness", "Proxy", and "Godfather".

Student/P/G Keywords

Miscellaneous comments or information not contained in other fields in the Student and Parent/Guardian windows. For example: "Bloodmobile Donor", "Needs Physical Assistance", and "School Computer Lab Volunteer".

Talent/Ministry Status Names

The status of someone's involvement in a talent or ministry. This can also identify needs, willingness to volunteer, or need for a reply. For example: "Actively Involved", "No Longer Involved", and "No Response". Select Yes to indicate that a status means a person is currently involved, or select No if the status means a person is not currently involved.

Talent Names

Talents or services that an individual is willing to provide, such as "Carpentry", "Drawing", and "Clerical Work".

Volunteer Areas

Volunteer positions you can add to parent/guardian records.