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Sacrament Import Field Information

Keys/Birth Info

Use this Key from Import File
This value connects the sacrament information to the student. For Where is the Import Key in PDS?, select an option to match this key to the corresponding value in your program:
  • Student ID Number—Match sacraments to student records using the PDS Student ID Number.
  • Student Key—Match sacraments to student records using the value you selected as the Student Key.
  • Student Unique Identifier—Match sacraments to student records using the unique, internal number Student Unique ID assigned to each student by the program. If you select this option, you must use an export report with the Student Unique ID field as your import file.
Default Area Code
Enter a default area code for any imported records that don't contain the area code information.
Birth Information
Select Overwrite if already present if you're updating the existing sacramental records in your PDS Office program. Any existing data is removed.
Sacrament Information
If you select to overwrite sacrament information if it is already present in your PDS Office program, any existing data is removed.

Sac tabs

On each Sac tab, select a sacrament and enter information about it.

The items in this drop-down list are from your Sacrament Date Names keyword list. To add or edit keywords, on the File menu, click Keywords > Sacrament Date Names.
Prof. of Faith, Verified, and Cert. on File
For these fields, only Yes/No/True/False values are recognized. The Prof. of Faith field only displays if you select Baptism as the sacrament.
Date/Date of Prof
Only dates formatted as MM/DD/YYYY are recognized. The Date of Prof field only displays if you select Baptism as the sacrament.
Extra Info
This value represents the sacramental name. For Baptism, this is the baptismal name, for Confirmation, this is the confirmation name, and for Marriage, this is the spouse's name.