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Activate or Inactivate Member Records

CAUTION: This process alters data. We recommend backing up your data before proceeding.
With this process, you can change the Active/Inactive status for a group of members. For example, if some members only visit in the summer months, you can place them on an Inactive roster for the winter months. The Inactive checkbox displays at the top of any member data window.
Note: Active members must belong to active families. When activating members of inactive families, you can activate the families at the same time.
  1. On the Families tab, click Members & Constituents > Processes > Activate/Inactivate.
  2. Select whether to use automatic updating or individual entry, then click Next.
  3. Select whether to make individuals active or inactive, and select an option for inactive families. Click Next.
  4. If you selected automatic updating: Make selections to build your list of records to process, then click Next.

    For help with conditions, see the Additional Selections section in the topic, Report Selections.

  5. If you selected individual entry: Select a member, and click Add Member to List. Repeat this for each record you want to process. When you're finished, click Next.
  6. Review your list. To exclude any records from processing, clear the checkbox. When you're ready to update the selected records, click Next.
  7. To change the member statuses, click Finish.