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Reassign a Member

You can reassign an individual to another family, or create a new family record using their information.

Reassigning a member means you move their entire record from one family to another. Examples of when you would reassign a member include:
  • A child goes to live with grandparents, and you need to transfer the child's record to the grandparents' existing family record.
  • A young adult graduates, and you want to remove them from their parents' record and start a new family record of their own.
  • A person gets married and moves in with their new spouse, and you need to "merge" the records into one family record.
  1. On the Families tab, click Members & Constituents. Locate the appropriate record, then click Reassign Member.
  2. Select whether to create a new family record or add the member to an existing family.
  3. Enter or select the ID/envelope number or family name.
  4. If needed, select the checkbox to copy addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses from the old family record.
  5. When you're ready, click Reassign Member.

The "original" record is moved to the family you selected.