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The Listing Screen

Listing screens display a grid of data related to the current window. Every list has a default view, but you can customize it to display the columns you want to see, in the order you want to see them.

Note: If the program administrator requires a user name to enter the program, the customized view is saved for each user.

To view the listing screen, click Listing Screen in the navigation pane.

Customize the View

To change which fields are included on the listing screen or how the grid looks, click Customize View. For more on these settings, see Customize Listing Screen Field Information. To return to the default settings, click Default Values.

Sort and Filter


This feature is only available in PDS Version 11. For more on upgrading, see Upgrade to the Latest Version.

You can select a sort order and filter based on the column headers in a listing screen. Hover over the column header you want to sort by or filter, and click the icon filter next to stacked up and down arrows.

To sort the list with this column in ascending or descending order, select an Order by option. To filter the entire list and only show certain records, click the add icon green plus sign and enter one or more conditions. If you enter multiple conditions, the listing screen will pull any records with either of those conditions.

When you order a column, the ascending icon up arrow or descending icon down arrow displays beside the column header. When you filter, the filter icon filter displays. If a column is both ordered and filtered, both icons display; for example, filter next to down arrow.

You can sort and filter multiple columns at the same time. But be aware that the options you select apply to columns from left to right. So, if the list is not sorting the way you expect, check the order of your columns.

Your sort and filter options are saved when you navigate away from the listing screen. When you come back, the list is still sorted/filtered the way you left it.

To clear the order or filter on a single column, click the column header and click Clear. To clear the options on all columns, click Clear Order/Filter at the top-left of the listing screen.

The ability to order and filter is enabled by default. If you decide you don't want to use this feature, click the gear icon black gear with hole in the middle at the top-right of the listing screen, and select Disable Header for Order/Filter.



This feature is only available in PDS Version 11. For more on upgrading, see Upgrade to the Latest Version.

You can export listing screen entries to to a file with a simple column format. The default file type is .csv, but you can export to .xml, .txt, .xls, or .ods, depending on how you want to use the file. Click Export List, and select your file format.

Watch & Learn

Learn to sort and filter the columns in a Listing Screen, and export the list to a CSV file. 4 min 47 sec

It may take a minute for the video to display. To watch in full screen mode, click the expand icon in the video player.

To watch more videos, visit the PDS Video Library.

Customize Listing Screen Field Information

Grid Properties

Number of lines per row
Increase this number to enlarge the height of each row in the grid. As you increase the lines in each row, you decrease the number of rows you can see in the grid. The default value is 1.00.
Font size of the grid
For larger font, increase the number. Decrease the number for smaller font. Increasing the size reduces the number of rows you see at one time. The default value is 8 pt.
Lock the first column
By default, this option is selected, and the column is locked. This keeps the column in sight when you scroll to the right of a list. To unlock the column, clear this option.


You can drag and drop fields or use the arrow buttons to move selected fields between the two lists.

Fields available to view
These fields are available to view in the listing grid. Click Find to locate a specific field. To add a field to the listing screen, click a field name, then click the right arrow to move the column to the Fields you want to view list.
Fields you want to view
These fields display in the View Listing window. Click a field to view the width and heading name settings. Column headings display in the listing grid in the same order that they display in this list. To reorder the list, click the field name and drag and drop it to your preferred location in the list, or use the up and down arrows.
Displays the width of the selected item in the Fields you want to view list. In the listing screen, an ellipsis (...) displays at the end of an entry to signify you are seeing incomplete information.
Displays the column heading name. A column can never be sized smaller than its heading name. The smaller the columns, the more information you can see in the listing screen at one time.