Deactivate a Parish in Abundant

Parishes cannot be removed from Abundant at this time, but you can deactivate them. Deactivate any parishes that people can no longer give to. For example, if two parishes merge, you can deactivate the one you no longer need. You can reactivate these parishes later if needed, as long as you have not deleted them from PDS.
CAUTION: If you delete a parish in PDS, it is permanently disabled in Abundant and cannot be re-enabled.
  1. On the File menu, click Setup > eGiving Setup.
  2. With I Use Abundant selected, click Select Parishes & Activities at the bottom.
  3. On the Parishes tab, clear the checkbox beside the parish you want to deactivate in Abundant. This will not affect the parish record in PDS.
  4. Click Save.

Once you save, the parishes you deactivated will no longer show up as options in Abundant. You will not lose any donations that people previously gave toward any parishes you deactivate.