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Print or email contribution and pledge statements to your contributors.

Contribution statements are sent to your contributors in January as a receipt of their contributions from the previous year while pledge statements deliver quarterly progress updates directly to the contributors who give to your campaigns. Without a statement, a contributor cannot claim their contributions.

You can select any date range of giving, and you can add a comment to display on the statements. You can email the statements to your members or export them to a PDF for printing.

Pledge gifts made to a campaign after the statement period will not be included in the contributor's pledged total for that period.

When two people share their giving, both names display on the statement. If one spouse passes away, only the name of the surviving spouse displays. However, if you need to display both names in this situation, mark the deceased individual as a shared giver after he or she has passed.

If you print plain paper statements, use one of the following envelopes from our store to guarantee your statements fit:
  • Regular double window envelope
  • Self-sticking double window envelope
  • Single window envelope, without imprint
  • Single window envelope, with customizable imprint

Contributors with logins to Realm can also print their own statements.