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Generate Pledge Statements

Create a statement detailing the health of your campaign for the contributors who pledged to it.

  • You must have the View Individual Contributions permission to perform this task. See Responsibilities for more information.
  1. In the top-left corner, click your ministry hub then Realm. Then click Giving > Statements.
  2. On the Pledges tab, click Generate Pledge Statement.
  3. Enter a title for your pledge statements. Only administrators will see this.
  4. Select a current or previous campaign as well as the date up to which you've received gifts.
  5. Select the elements you want to display on your statement. See See Pledge Statement Field Descriptions in our related topics to learn more about each element.
    1. Click the information icon to preview where on the pledge statement these elements display.
  6. Click Next step: Select Recipients.
  7. Select the fulfillment statuses of the contributors you want to send a pledge statement to.
  8. Select how you want to distribute your pledge statements:
    • Export PDF— Export all statements as a PDF.
    • Send Emails and Export PDF— Send statements to contributors who have emails, and export the rest as a PDF.
    • Create a List of Records in Constant Contact and Export PDF— If you have more than one Constant Contact account, select the one you want to export to. Enter the information that will display on the list of statement records, and export the rest as a PDF.
  9. Click Next step: Customize Messaging.
  10. Drag and drop the customization tags as you enter your cover letter – if selected earlier – and your brief message. See Pledge Statement Field descriptions in our related topics to learn more about what these tags do. The following three steps are optional:
    1. Optional: Click Use a Previously Sent Cover Letter or Message if a cover letter or message from a previous campaign would be perfect for your current one.
    2. Click Add images and a signature to your cover letter to personalize your cover letter with a handwritten signature and images of the projects your contributors gave to.
    3. Click Add a logo and customize your pledge statement to brand each statement for your ministry, and edit the title or the footer. See "Pledge Statement Field Descriptions" for important information about the footer.
  11. Click Next step: Preview and Send.
  12. Enter the email of a point of contact contributors can reply to if they spot any issues with their statement.
  13. If you email your contributors, click Personalize your email to enter a subject, body, and signature of your own. Otherwise, Realm will send an automated email from your church.
  14. Select the order in which your statements will generate and whether you want the statements to print on the front and back of your paper.
  15. Optional: If you want to preview your statements before you generate, click Preview (first 10).
  16. Once you're satisfied with how your pledge statements look, click Send Emails and Export PDF.
    Note: If you have 1,000 or more statements to export to PDF, they will download into a ZIP file. Statements are available for 18 months after they're generated.