Use PDS Employee Self Service

After an administrator sets up the Employee Self Service site, employees can view their information online using the link in the email invitation. After verifying their accounts, employees can bookmark the site and return as often as they like. If there is a large number of employees, the administrator can designate supervisors on the site who manage a group of employees.

Information for the Administrator

As the administrator, you can view all employee and site information, send invitations to employees to register for the site, and select supervisors. You can also send reminders to those you sent an invitation to, but have not yet registered with the site.

After you log in to the ESS site, several options display at the top.

The Employees Options

Click Employees to view the uploaded employees. You can click an employee's name to view his or her personal information, pay history, and time off.

The Time Off tab only displays if the employee has entries listed in the Activity Setup grid on the Personal Activities window, and you select the option to display it from the Admin menu, under Site Profile.

The Admin Menu

Click Admin > Site Profile to select the descriptions that display for Pay Lines when employees preview their check stubs, add a logo to display on the site, and decide whether to display the Time Off tab for employees.

Under Admin > Invite Employees, you can send invitations to employees and supervisors. Click a column heading to sort the table. For example, if you want to group the employees you sent an invitation to, click the Status heading.

Under Admin > Supervisors, you can make an employee a supervisor, which means they can view their employee information, as well as information for the employees they manage. This includes personal, pay history, and time-off information.

Account Options

In the top-right, click your name to view your information as an employee. Click the gear icon to manage your account and settings, and change the administrator email and/or password. If you are looking at an employee's record, click the gear icon to assign or remove admin rights.
CAUTION: Employees with admin rights can view all information on the ESS site, including information about other admin users.

If an employee is no longer employed with the employer but you need to keep the record for IRS purposes, you can mark them as inactive in the program. The inactive employees no longer display on your ESS site after you run payroll.

Information for Supervisors

As a supervisor, you can view your employee information as well as the information for the employees you manage. This includes each employee's personal information, pay history, and time-off information.

Use the gear icon in the top-right to log out of the ESS site.

Information for Employees

As an employee, you can only view your own pay history, as well as your personal and time-off information.

The Personal tab displays your name, and primary address, phone number, and email address. You cannot edit this information, but you can send the administrator an email to let them know if any information is incorrect.

The Pay History tab displays check numbers, dates, hours, gross and net pay, taxes, additions, deductions, and contributions. You can view your check stubs for the current year and one year prior.

The Time Off tab, if your administrator decides to display it on the site, displays time-off types (such as vacation and sick time), as well as the amount of time carried over, accrued, taken, and remaining. You can click a type to view details.

Use the gear icon in the top-right to log out of the ESS site.