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Upload Records to PDS Employee Self Service

Before using this option, you must register your PDS ESS site and perform the initial upload.

Each time you print paychecks, you can update the existing records on your ESS site. If there are new employees, you can upload their records to your site. This also removes any employee records that you marked inactive or deleted since the last time you updated the site.

  1. On the Transactions tab, click Expenses > Print Paychecks.
  2. Select the employer, department, positions, check date, and date range(s) for your paychecks. Click Next.
  3. To view an employee's paycheck record, click Pay next to the name or click Pay Employee. Click Next.
  4. Select the cash account and check style, and click Print Paychecks.
  5. After you print all paychecks for employees, click Finished.
  6. After printing paychecks, a message displays. Click Yes to upload the latest changes to your ESS site, including pay history, time-off, and contact information for employees who were issued a check.