Parent and Guardian Overview

The Parent/Guardian Overview displays all the important information about an individual so you can get a quick understanding. On the Information tab, click Parents & Guardians > P/G Overview.
Note: If you would rather see the Personal window when you first open a record, you can switch it with the Overview. Click the My Settings icon blue outline of computer monitor, and on the Other Screen tab, clear Show Overview as First Screen.

Parent/Guardian Information

The parent/guardian's information displays on the left. Click a piece of information to view more details or edit it. For example, if you click the parent/guardian's general remarks, you are taken to the Personal window where you can edit them or add more. If you click the parent/guardian's phone number, you are taken to the Communication window. If you click a parent/guardian's ministry, you are taken to the Ministries/Talents window.

If you don't want pictures to display, click Hide Pictures. To send an email, click the email icon yellow envelope beside an email address. To print a PDF of all the overview information, click Print. To copy the information from either the left or right column and paste it into a document or spreadsheet, right-click and select Copy Column to Clipboard.
Note: The email function uses your selections in Email & Text Setup. If you experience an issue, select Use the Simple Email dialog in the Email Server Setup window.

Family, Student, and Fund Information

Information about the parent/guardian's family, students, other members, and funds displays on the right. Click a name or fund to go to that record's overview. Click Show Totals to view amount paid and balance due for a fund.

You can also quickly view other family members by clicking the Member # of # drop-down list at the top.