Scheduling Wizards Field Information

These are some fields you may see in the scheduling wizards.

Displays the current batch number.

Request Info
If you're scheduling this event because of a request, you can enter any information about that request.
  • The Requested By field displays options from the organization's contacts.
  • The Scheduled By field is helpful if multiple staff members schedule events in PDS. If you require user names to open PDS, this field automatically fills in with your name when you schedule a new event. Otherwise, you can enter a name manually.

Displays view-only remarks about the organization. This comes from the Organization window.

Multiple Facs

Select multiple facilities to schedule at one time without having to create a group.

Show Group

If the facility you selected represents a group of facilities, you can select which facility or facilities to use.

Show Features

View the features of the selected facility to make sure it fits the needs of this event.

Print Conflicts

Prints a detailed list of conflicts if there are any associated with the selected dates and facilities.

Load/Change Event/Conflict

Compares and resolves the details of two conflicting events. You can also check the availability of a facility in the Load/Change Event window.

Multiple Times / Single Time

Toggle between adding multiple times or a single time for an event. To add multiple times, click Multiple Times, then click the add icon green plus sign to enter each start/end time. To change back and enter only one time range, click Single Time.

Acknowledgment Letter

Unlike with a simple event, the acknowledgment letter is sent to the contact for the event package rather than the organization's contact. This way, you don't have to change the contacts on the organization's record for each package.