Schedule Event Packages

Make sure you've set up the event package in the Event Packages window first.

You can schedule a series of interconnected events that are related to each other. Examples include a wedding or a summer festival.

  1. On the Information tab, click Scheduling Wizards > Schedule Event Packages.
  2. Select the event package, and click Next.
  3. If you already scheduled all events in the package, the program notifies you. Otherwise, the unscheduled events display in the grid.
  4. Click an unscheduled event and, if needed, enter the date, facility, and starting and ending times.
  5. If there are no conflicts, select Schedule Now. The Simple Event Scheduling wizard displays.
  6. Step through the scheduling wizard, entering all the necessary information. See Schedule Simple Events for more detailed instructions.
  7. After you schedule an event in the package, the event displays in the Scheduled Events grid. Repeat these steps for each event you want to schedule.
  8. After you schedule all events, click Finish.