Schedule by Past History

You can schedule events for organizations using the same events from a previous year.
  1. On the Information tab, click Scheduling Wizards > Schedule Using Past History.
  2. Enter or select the organization associated with the event. The organization's scheduling history displays.
  3. Select the past event that you want to use as a template, and click Next.
    Tip: Click Search to quickly locate a past event by its name.
  4. If you selected a simple event, the Simple Event Scheduling wizard displays. If you selected a recurring event, the Recurring Event Scheduling wizard displays. The information that was set up in the existing event displays, except for the event dates.
  5. Click Next to step through the next few windows, adding or editing the information as necessary.
  6. When you're ready to schedule the event, click Schedule.
  7. Click Next. From here, you can print a list, print or email a letter, or upload the event to Google Calendar.
  8. Click Finish.