Set Up for Data Synchronization

Prior to your first data sync, a software administrator at your diocese should specify the appropriate settings to use during the process.

  1. On the Parishes & Facilities tab, click Data Transfer.
  2. In the Set up the Web Service Information section, set up the connection between your diocese and the web service.
  3. In the Update the Parish Login and Keyword Mapping Information section, update your parish login and keyword mapping information.
  4. In the Set the Options Used in Synchronization section, determine what member data you want to collect from parishes (family data is collected by default).
  5. In the Set the Default Actions Used in Synchronization section, set the default actions on parish records that have changed since your last synchronization.

Once you've configured these settings, you can run Synchronize Diocesan Data with Parish's Data each time you want to receive or transmit the latest data. You'll only have to update the settings periodically, if at all.