Allow PDS to Run Overnight

Before you can schedule reports, you must set up a scheduled task on your computer to allow the program to run after hours. If you use the local desktop installation of PDS, you'll set up a Windows® scheduled task. If you are an OnDemand client, you'll set up a scheduled task from your OnDemand window.

Set Up a Scheduled Task for PDS Desktop

The following procedure is for Microsoft® Windows 10® users. For information on creating scheduled tasks in earlier versions, see the help documentation for your version.
  1. Locate the Task Scheduler on your computer.
  2. In the Task Scheduler window, under Actions, click Create Basic Task.
  3. In the Create Basic Task Wizard, enter a name for the scheduled task, such as "PDS Scheduled Reports", and click Next.
  4. In the Task Trigger window, select how frequently you want to allow scheduled reports to run, and click Next.
    Tip: This option tells your computer when to allow the program to run scheduled reports. You will set up the actual day(s) that your reports run within PDS. We recommend selecting Daily here to avoid conflicts with the day(s) you set up.
  5. The start date should be today's date, then select a time when you want report scheduling to occur, and click Next.
    CAUTION: We recommend selecting a time when no one is working in PDS, such as 11:00 PM. Make sure your computer (if PDS is installed locally) or your server (if PDS is installed on a network) is not turned off or set to go into hibernation mode during the time you select.
  6. In the Action window, select Start a program, and click Next.
  7. In the Start a Program window, click Browse, select your DioOffice program file, and click Open. The program path displays in the Program/script field, and should have an .exe extension. For example, "C:\PDSDO10\DioOffice.exe".

    If the information does not display in the Program/script field, right-click your PDS DioOffice desktop icon, and click Properties. Copy the information that displays in the Target field and paste it in the Program/script field of Windows Scheduler.

    Note any spaces in your program path. If it contains spaces, the Task Scheduler will put quotation marks around the path. If this is the case for you, make sure to put quotation marks around the path name in the next step.

  8. In the Add arguments field, enter d=, then the program folder (with quotation marks, if needed), then a space, then DoDioNet. For example, "d=C:\PDSDO10\ DoDioNet". Click Next.
  9. Review the information, and click Finish.

Set Up a Scheduled Task in OnDemand

  1. In your OnDemand window, double-click the Schedule Tasks icon blue and white clock.
    Tip: If you don't see this icon, please contact PDS Support for assistance at 1-877-737-4457.
  2. On the Scheduled Tasks tab, click Add.
  3. In the Schedule a Task window, select the task, PDS DioOffice Sync Parishes.
  4. Enter the time and select the day(s) for the task to run. The servers are set for Eastern Standard time. Click Adjust to enter your local time.
    Note: We recommend selecting a time when no one is working in OnDemand, such as 11:00 PM.
  5. Click OK.