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Labels and Envelopes

You can create standard and custom mailing labels and envelopes for your printed letters. Specialized labels, such as badges or tray tags, are also available to ensure that addresses print according to United States Postal Service® regulations.

To locate labels and envelopes, on the Reports tab, click the button related to the type of report you want. Some report groups have a section called Label/Envelope Reports. Expand it to see the predefined label and envelope reports.

Mail Barcodes

The USPS requires you to use the Basic Intelligent Mail® barcode format for bulk mail discounts. The Intelligent Mail (sometimes called OneCode™) format replaces the older POSTNET™ and PLANET® formats. Full Service Intelligent Mail barcodes are required for all bulk mail and automation discounts.

To create Intelligent Mail barcode labels, select a mailing label or envelope report. "Barcode on Top" or "Barcode at Bottom" displays in the description. Complete the report wizard to print the labels or envelopes.

Labels, Envelopes, and CASS Certification

When you create bulk mailings, the labels and envelopes that have not been CASS certified print at the beginning of the list and labeled for "tray 0." These items can't be included in bulk mailing and should be sent as regular mail.