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Verified First

The Verified First integration works with the Platform to facilitate and automate everything you need for Background Checks.


With this integration, you can connect the Platform with the Verified First background screening solution. After it's set up, you can request a background check using the Background Check Request Tool in MinistryPlatform. That request goes to Verified First using the credentials in your configuration settings.

Once Verified First receives results for your background check request and you approve it in the Verified First client portal, the records update in the Platform. Finally, the nightly routine updates the relevant dates for you, including Background Check Submitted, Background Check Returned, and Background Check Expires.

Managing Background Checks

To manage Background Checks, see Background Checks.
Important: You must process background checks for Drug Screening and I-9 Employment Eligibility using the Verified First client portal. You cannot use the Background Check Tool for these requests because they require written justification.


There is no charge from ACS Technologies for configuring the integration.

Fees from Verified First are assessed as per each church's individual contract agreement.

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Step 1: Create an Account with Custom Packages

  • Before you can set up your integration, you must have an account with Verified First.
Contact Verified First to set up an account and create the packages you want to have. You can customize these packages and have as many as you need.

Step 2: Initiate Setup in MinistryPlatform

Submit a case through the Support Portal, to let the Support team know you want to use Verified First for all your background check needs. Provide the Package Name (Background Check Type) and Package GUID (Package Service Code, which you can pull from the package URL) for every package you have with Verified First.

Or, you can complete the Platform setup yourself.

  1. Go to Lookup Values > Background Check Types.
  2. Click New.
  3. Enter the necessary information:
    1. Background Check Type: The Verified First package name.
    2. Package Service Code: The package GUID in the package URL.
  4. Optional: Include:
    1. Months Till Expires
    2. Expiring Soon Days
    3. Type Needs Review
  5. Click Save.
  6. Repeat these steps for each separate package you want to add.

Step 2a: Adjudication (Optional)

All Verified First packages include adjudication except SSTrace + MVR. When MinistryPlatform receives a post back from Verified First with a Complete status and a Ready for Review adjudication value, the status updates in the Platform, but the All Clear field remains undefined.

After a church staff member reviews and approves the report in the Verified First portal, Verified First sends another post back to MinistryPlatform with an Approved adjudication value. At that point, the All Clear field updates to Yes.

Step 2b: Prepare MinistryPlatform

  1. Go to Administration > Configuration Settings.
  2. Update your Verified First credentials:
    • COMMON, BackgroundCheckProvider: This should be "Verified First".
    • COMMON, BackgroundCheckUsername: The username provided by Verified First.
    • COMMON, BackgroundCheckPassword: The password provided by Verified First.
    • COMMON, BackgroundCheckOrderUrl: The endpoint URL provided by Verified First. This is where MinistryPlatform will send background check requests.
    • TOOLS, BackgroundCheckCallbackUsername: The username that Verified First will use to authenticate with MinistryPlatform for postback requests. You create this and give it to Verified First.
    • TOOLS, BackgroundCheckCallbackPassword: The password that Verified First will use to authenticate with MinistryPlatform for postback requests. You create this and supply it to Verified First.

Step 3: Submit a Test

  1. Using the Add/Edit Family Tool, create two Contact records in MinistryPlatform.
    1. This returns a sample report with records:
      • First Name: Hank
      • Last Name: Mess
      • Email Address: Enter your own so you receive the background check request.
    2. This will return a sample report with no records:
      • First Name: Joe
      • Last Name: Clean
      • Email Address: Enter your own so you receive the background check request.
  2. Create a test submission to ensure the integration works as currently configured.
  3. Select your test contacts, Hank Mess and Joe Clean.
  4. Launch the Background Check Request tool from a selection or record. You can also launch the tool and search for your test records inside the tool.
  5. Set the Background Check type.
  6. Optional: Select the Ministry.
  7. Optional: Add notes to the Notes field.
  8. Click Submit to create the background checks and submit them to Verified First.
  9. You'll receive an acknowledgment that you submitted it successfully.
  10. Confirm there is a new record on the Background Checks page.
  11. After you receive the email requests, click the link and enter each Contact's fictional information.
    Tip: You can get the fictional information from the Verified First testing documentation.
  12. Follow the link provided on the Background Check record to review and optionally approve the report.
  13. Confirm the results are on the Background Checks page.
If you need assistance with any of these steps, contact Support.