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Publish a Schedule

Publish a schedule when you've finalized it.

Permissions Required

Only available to administrators and users who have the Manage Schedules permission.

Once you've made all the changes you need to make to a schedule, you can publish it. This will send the volunteers you assigned a notification to let them know they are on your schedule.

If you have enabled Volunteer Signup, you can publish a blank schedule and allow volunteers to add themselves to it. If you send an email to all volunteers on the team, they will be able to click a link in the email to view the schedule and sign up for it.

  1. Create a new schedule using either a new serving time or an existing event.
  2. Assign volunteers to the schedule. If you need to make changes, you can save the schedule as a draft until you're ready to publish.
  3. Click Publish Schedule.
  4. Volunteers will be notified about their assignments when you publish the schedule. Enter a message to the volunteers if needed.
  5. If you want to automatically send reminders to your volunteers, turn Enable on in the Reminders section. From the drop-down menu how many days before the event to send the reminder. If you want to send a second reminder, click +Add a second reminder and select the number of days before the event to send the second reminder.
  6. Click Publish.