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Create and manage schedules for your volunteers.

Once you've assigned a volunteer a role on a team, you're ready to put that volunteer on a schedule. After you create a schedule, you can find it on the Schedules tab of the team or registration event its associated with.

While creating a schedule, you can choose to associate it with existing events. You can also create a completely new time for activities that are outside of an event, such as scheduling a volunteer to drive people to the event.

As you schedule volunteers, you can view their information such as when they last served, their preferences, if there are conflicts or if they have other commitments. You'll also see recommended volunteers, who are suggested based on their preferences and the date they last served.

Though schedules are associated with a team, you can still search all of Realm to assign individuals who are not a part of the team to the schedule. If there are no readily available volunteers, you can also choose a from a list of substitutes.