Text Giving

Text Giving allows contributors to give with their smartphones.

It will take your contributors approximately 2 minutes to set up their payment method. Once their first text gift is processed, the payment method is saved for future contributions and allows for a faster and more convenient giving experience.

Text giving is included with our online giving solution. Standard text message and data rates may apply.

Text Giving Number: 73256

Text 73256 with your permanent keyword plus the amount. For example, "Realm 50".

All Realm sites with text giving will share the same number. By reserving your unique permanent keyword, contributions will be processed directly to your church. When contributors submit their gifts through text, your church's name will show in the confirmation text, payment form, and on their receipt.
Attention: See our related links to view our SMS texting terms. We encourage you to share our terms and our privacy policy with your contributors on the webpage that features your text giving information. Doing this will give them more clarity on how their transactions are handled and will provide them better peace of mind.

View Text Giving Contributions

Once a gift is submitted through text, it processes the same as an online contribution.

Reserve Your Permanent Text Giving Keyword

Enter a unique keyword that identifies your church.

You must be an administrator to do this. Contributors will use this keyword when they give via text message. You cannot change this keyword after it's set, and other Realm sites cannot use it.
  1. In the top-left corner, click your ministry hub then Realm. Then click Giving > Settings.
  2. On the Online Giving tab, read the onscreen information before reserving your permanent text giving keyword.
  3. Enter a keyword that's short and easy to remember.
  4. Click Check Availability.
  5. If you're satisfied with your permanent keyword, select that you've reviewed it and click Yes.
    Warning: You cannot edit your keyword once you accept it.

    Keyword Requirements

    • Keywords must be between 3-20 characters.
    • Keywords cannot have spaces or special characters.

    Keyword Recommendations

    • Keywords do not have to be specific to giving.
    • You can use your church name, abbreviation, or part of your website URL.
    • Check with other staff members before accepting the keyword.