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Complete the Schedule

Scheduling ends with the Schedule Process Completion window, which displays the week(s) that were added. If you use the minister online app, you can upload the schedule data to the app. You can print the schedule with up to 7 ministries listed at a time. Click Finish to complete the schedules.

When you finish creating your schedule, the program returns to the Add Schedule window. From here, you can add another schedule, or click Scheduled Weeks or Week Detail in the navigation pane to view the schedule you just created.

Tracking Results Text File

When you save a schedule or test schedule, the program stores all minister tracking results in a text file. This text file is assigned the same name as the scheduled week and saved in your program's Data\Track Results folder. For example, a file "Third Week in February 2015.txt" is saved in X:\PDSMinSch\Data\Track Results.

The file also contains all the scheduling content stored within the View Current Week and View ALL Weeks text files. For more information on viewing schedules as text files, see View a Schedule's Tracking Results.

When you make a test schedule permanent, its text file is automatically renamed. If you delete a schedule, the text file for that schedule is deleted.