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View Weekly Scheduling Details

The Week Detail window displays all the weekly masses scheduled for the date range you set in the Scheduled Weeks window. On the Information tab, click Schedules > Week Detail. Use the navigation tools to locate other scheduled weeks.

The grid shows the date and time of each mass, each ministry (in separate columns), and the names of ministers serving in each ministry. You can right-click any position in the grid to edit certain information.
Note: The grid may include unfilled minister positions. These display as <Unfill Position> or some other text that you defined in the Scheduling Options.

If needed, you can open the week details in a .txt file for viewing or printing. Click View Options then Tracking Results. For more, see View a Schedule's Tracking Results.

If you need to add or remove a mass or ministry positions from this schedule, click Modify Scheduled Mass. For steps, see Modify a Scheduled Mass.