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Back Up Your Data Manually

Before you back up your data, make sure:
  • You have enough storage media to complete the backup. PDS backup files require at least 0.5 MB of free space.
  • You disable your computer's Hibernate, Sleep, or Stand By options.
  • All PDS users are logged out.
  • Your backup media is preformatted.

When you create manual backups, you can store the backup files on flash drives or other storage media, servers, or network folders. PDS also stores each manual backup file in an internal archive folder.

When backing up your data:
  • Do not shut down or turn off the power to your computer.
  • Do not log off the computer at any time during the backup process.
  1. On the File menu, click Backup / Restore > Backup Data.
  2. Make your selections.
  3. Click Start Backup.