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Relationship Reports

With relationship reports, you can print mailing labels or envelopes addressed to people related to your families, such as a godparent or a family friend. You can also create your own report, such as a list or letter, to send to your families' relationships.
Note: This is different from using a family letter and sending a carbon copy. With relationship reports, any letter or label you create is addressed only to the family's relationship records and nothing is sent to the family.

Before you can print relationship reports, you must add relationships for families or individuals.


Other family reports can print and send a courtesy copy to a relation. For details, see "Include Family Relationship Courtesy Copy" on Report Selections.

Family Directory reports also print relationship information if you select Show On Fam Directory in the family's relationship window.

To locate relationship reports, on the Reports tab, click Family Reports then Relationship Reports. Expand it to see the predefined reports. To select a report, click the report name.