Post Family Pictures

With this quick posting, you can add pictures to multiple family records. To display properly in the program, pictures must be a digital format accessible to your computer.

We recommend creating a folder or directory on your hard disk to store picture files. This makes it easier to share the pictures if you're running the program on a network. If you want to include picture files in your regular data backup, create the picture folder as a subfolder of your Data folder. Pictures stored outside of the Data folder are not included in the backup.

Including the picture files in your regular data backup increases the size of your backup file. Consider creating a separate backup of your picture files on media that can store larger amounts of data, such as a DVD, CD-ROM, or external hard drive.

  1. On the Information tab, click Families > Quick Posting > Family Pictures.
  2. Select whether to use automatic updating or individual entry, then click Next.
  3. If you selected automatic updating:
    1. If you included fund selections, select the funds to use to filter the list, then click Next.
    2. Make selections to build your list of records to process, then click Next.
    3. To assign different pictures to each family, select the first option. Or, to assign the same picture to your entire list, select the second option, and enter the path where the image is located on your computer. Click Next.
      Tip: If you want to remove all existing family pictures, select the second option and leave the file path blank.
  4. If you selected individual entry:
    1. Select a family, enter the path of the image located on your computer, and click Add Family to List.
    2. Repeat this for each record you want to process. When you're finished, click Next.
  5. Review your list. If needed, add or edit any picture file paths. When you're ready to post to the selected records, click Next.
  6. To post, click Finish.