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Manage Group Participants

Group leaders can be given specific permissions to maintain group rosters. Group rosters include leaders, members, and guests who have profiles.

View list of group eventscheckmarkcheckmarkcheckmark
View names on rostercheckmarkcheckmark---
View members' contact informationup to the memberup to the memberup to the member
View and download resourcescheckmarkcheckmark---
Read and create postscheckmarkcheckmark---
Add Eventscheckmarkcheckmark---
Post resources (files and photos)checkmarkcheckmark---
Send a message to the groupcheckmarkcheckmark---
Mark attendancecheckmark------
Set Meeting Times and Locationscheckmark------
Add, delete, and edit group members (if permitted to do so)checkmark------


Leaders can add people to a group's roster. Once an individual has been added as a group member, they can be promoted to a leadership position. A group can have more than one leader. Users with permission can also assign group leadership.


Members are participants in a group. Leaders can add members to the roster by using the search profiles field. Likewise, leaders can remove people from the roster at any time. You set the person's role in the group while adding them. You can edit a person's role any time.


Guests are people who have attended your group with the intent to become a regular member. If the church permits it, leaders may enter new individual profiles for guests. Use the Add profiles option to add a new profile as a guest if they are not showing up in the system. Check with a church staff member if you have questions.