Inbox and Notification Settings

The inbox is where you can send messages to everyone in your group. If you enable replies for your message, you can also view comments written by your group members and respond to them.

When you send an inbox message to your group, each member receives a notification for that message based on their inbox notifications settings for your group. If your church subscribes to texting, and it is enabled for the group, you can also choose to notify individuals via text if they have opted in to texting for your group.

Notification Settings

You can view notification settings for each member on the group's Participants tab, and whether the member has a Realm login. You can also see if a group member doesn't have a login or a method of communication. This helps you know how members receive notifications for messages and posts.

- Member has a Realm login.

- Member receives email notifications from this group.

- Member uses the mobile app and receives app notifications for this group.

- Member does not receive communication from this group.