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With group communication, both leaders and members can share posts, comments, photos, and RSVP events with other members in their group. It's a great way to carry conversations throughout the week and keep connected to what's going on. When you create a post, photo, or event, it shows up on your group's Newsfeed, and all group members are notified depending on their notification preferences.


When a member of a group creates a post, it appears in a Newsfeed for that group. Other group members can respond to this post with a comment, or support it by clicking the heart icon. It's a good idea to create a few posts in your group so that people have content to interact with when you open the Newsfeed to them.


A member can share a single image or a group of images in a photo gallery. Like posts, photos also appear on the group's Newsfeed. Other members can respond with a comment and support photos by clicking the heart icon.


Groups often get together at regularly scheduled times, but they also like to gather for parties, picnics, prayer, outings, or other special events. Fortunately, you don't have to be the only one to organize these events. If RSVP events are enabled for everyone, members can organize events for the group, too.


Group participants can share files with their group by attaching a file to a post. When someone adds a file to a post, it appears in the Files tab of your group. Shared files can be downloaded by members of the group.