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Set Up Address Abbreviations

You can use abbreviations for addresses to save time when entering data. For example, you can add the abbreviation St. to represent "Street".
Note: Changing an abbreviation after it has been used on records doesn't automatically update any addresses currently using it.
  1. On the File menu, click Setup > Address Abbreviations.
  2. To add an abbreviation that's not in the list, click the add icon green plus sign.
  3. To remove an abbreviation you don't need, click the delete icon red minus sign.
  4. Click the reorder icon blue arrow pointing up next to blue arrow pointing down to move more frequently used items to the beginning of the list. This can save time during data entry. Or, to sort the list numerically and then alphabetically, click Sort.
  5. Click Restore Default Values if you want to return to the original list of abbreviations installed with the program. Any changes or additions you made to the list will be removed.
  6. Click Print List if you want to provide a copy of this list as a quick reference to those entering data.
  7. Click Save/OK.