Set Up the Web Calendar

When you select a web calendar report, the Reports wizard guides you through the Overview window, and the Web Setup window follows. Use the options in this window to set up your web page properties so that your calendar webpage can be built.
  1. In the Web Setup window, under Web Page, enter the path where you want to build your web calendar .htm files. For example, C:\PDS\FacSch\Calendar.htm.
  2. Make any additional selections you want to include on your web calendar.
    • Web Filename—Assign the file location and a file name for the web calendar.
    • Show Time—Displays the start and end times of events on the web calendar.
    • Use Start Time Only—Displays only the start time of events on the web calendar.
    • Include Special Days—Includes your special days and holidays on the web calendar. Only special days and holidays that fall within the specified date range display.
  3. If you use FTP to transfer files, select Use FTP Transfer, and enter your FTP information in the fields.
  4. Click Next.
  5. Select which event information to include on the web calendar using the selection tabs.
  6. When you're finished, click Build.
  7. To view the webpage, click View File.