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After drawing a shape or selecting a shape on your map, you can run Demographics, American Beliefs Study, or predefined reports in the Demographics area.

Demographics data comes from several sources.

  • Synergos Technologies Inc. is MissionInsite's primary demographics provider and provides population trends for the current year. This data is based on multiple sources, including the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), Social Security Administration, US Census Bureau, and US Postal Service. Synergos tracks households by ZIP+4 addresses, which confirms mail delivery. MissionInsite updates this data twice a year.

  • Experian collects more than 300 data points using a demographic segmentation system called MOSAIC. The Mosaic Household Behavioral Data uses 800 lifestyle and interest attributes to categorize households by group, with Group A as the most affluent and group S as the least affluent. Mosaic provides a multi-dimensional view of a community's socioeconomic and life stage factors.
  • American Beliefs Study Report data comes from national religious surveys of Americans of all backgrounds on their religious beliefs, preferences and practices.
  • Epsilon provides demographic data at the household level.

You can also create a thematic map or run an opportunity scan based on your shape.