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Purchase an Address List

To create a mailing campaign to reach local and surrounding communities based on data points, purchase an address list.

Addresses are updated regularly, and you can view pricing. You are responsible for sending the mailing and all postage costs.
Note: Purchasing an address list within MissionInsite is temporarily unavailable. Contact MissionInsite Support at 877-230-3212 for assistance. You can also email MISupport@acst.com to purchase a list.
  1. In the User Assistant, under What Would You Like to Do?, click Purchase Address List.
  2. Review the terms of service, then select I have read, understand and accept the information, terms and deliverables described above. Click Next.
  3. To choose the type of geography for your list, select Predefined Boundaries (e.g. Zip Codes, Cities, Counties, etc.) or Radius or Polygon I Draw. Zip codes and shapes are commonly selected.
  4. Select your address list's geographic areas, such as Agency Boundaries, Standard Layers, and Landmarks. As you choose, these areas display under Areas to Report On. When you finish, click Next .
  5. If applicable, select the Primary Gender, Marital Status, Head of HH Age, and Children in Household for the households your mailing targets. Click Next.
  6. Under Estimate and Record Requirements, the number of available records displays. Enter the number of Desired Records you want for your list, then click Next.
  7. Review your address list's Cart, Geography Options, Filter Selections, then click Next.
When Checkout Order Complete displays, your order is complete.