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Draw a Shape

In the Shapes area, you can draw basic shapes such as a polygon, rectangle, circle, or freehand shape.

Once you draw a shape, it displays on your map. You can draw multiple shapes, and you can drag and drop your shapes to move them around your map.

Note: You can draw a radius or shape on the map at any time. On the Toolbar, click Draw New Shape and Query or Draw new shape and query.

To learn more, watch this video.

  1. On the Navigation Bar, click Shapes.
  2. On the Control Center, under Drawing Settings, select Basic.
  3. Select the shape you want to draw. The default option is a polygon.
  4. On the map, place your cursor where you want to start drawing.
  5. Click the mouse, then drag your cursor to form a line.
  6. To draw the next two sides of your shape, drag your cursor, then click. This forms a triangle.
  7. To refine your shape's boundaries, continue dragging your cursor, then clicking to release it. When you finish drawing your shape, double-click your mouse.
After drawing shapes, you can generate reports based on your shapes or download a list of churches within those shapes.

You can also save your shape to use later or for others within your organization.