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Closing Accounts Receivable Current Month

You can close the current accounts receivable month for year-end.

After you post all invoices and payments, apply any unapplied payments, and generate and post adjustments, you can close the month in Accounts Receivable. Closing the month advances the default posting period, but be sure to back up your data first.

If you use batches to post transactions in the General Ledger module, you must close the current batch in Accounts Receivable before closing the month. Closing the current batch is important for recordkeeping and providing an accurate audit trail.
  1. Under Manage Records, click the Transactions tab.
  2. Select Accounts Receivable Invoices from the drop-down list and click Go .
  3. Click Close Current Month.
  4. When the confirmation message displays, click Yes to advance the posting period or No to cancel.