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Purchase Orders Year-End Procedures

About the Purchase Orders module and year-end in ACS.

The Purchase Orders module automates the purchasing process by sharing data with the Accounts Payable module. In the Purchase Orders module, you can post and receive purchase orders and then generate invoices in the Accounts Payable module.

In Purchase Orders, you can maintain a list of buyers in your organization and set buying limits for each buyer. You can also check your budget when entering purchase orders, and you can keep track of encumbered amounts that print on reports generated in the General Ledger module.

The Purchase Orders module does not have a month-end or year-end closing. When you update the current period in the Accounts Payable module, the accounting period in the Purchase Orders module is also updated. If you have unposted purchase orders, you can still close the month in Accounts Payable and post these orders to the correct month at a later time. Closing the month changes only the default posting month.