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Share My Contact Information in the Parish Directory

The Parish Directory displays the names and contact information of members who choose to share it with the parish. Any Parish Life user (administrators, personnel, and parishioners with a login) can view the information that you choose to display.

If you're part of a close-knit parish, you might choose to share all of your information. If you prefer to only be contacted over the phone, you might share just your name and phone number. It's up to you to decide what to share with your parish.

Note: The Parish Directory is family-based. To display in the directory, your family must have at least one head of household, and they must share their profile.
  1. Log in to Parish Life.
  2. In the menu or on the Dashboard, click My Profile.
  3. Under My Profile, click Privacy Settings.
  4. To share your profile in the Parish Directory, turn on the first option.
  5. For each section of information you want to share (Phones, Addresses, Emails, Birthday, and Picture), turn on the option so it shows Public. Keep anything you don't want to share set to Private.
    Note: If you share your profile but select not to show any contact information, only your name will display in the Parish Directory.
  6. Click Save.
  7. To review what you've shared with others, click Parish Directory in the menu, search for your family, then click your name.

You will receive an email when your profile is shared and when you update the Public/Private settings.