Manage Your Scheduling Calendar

You can add, edit, and delete events on your Scheduling Calendar. Changes you make to the calendar only display in Parish Life.

  1. In the menu, click Parish Calendar.
  2. Click Scheduling Calendar.
  3. To add a new event, click Add Calendar Event. Enter the event details, and select the event color and text color. A preview displays how the event will look on the calendar. Enter any additional remarks, then click Save.
  4. To edit an existing event, click the event on the calendar. Make any necessary changes, then click Save.
  5. To remove an event from the calendar, click the event. At the bottom, click Delete Event. Click Delete to confirm your selection.
    Note: If an event is set up for recurrence, only the instance you clicked on the calendar will be deleted.

As soon as you save, your changes display to Parish Life members on the Scheduling Calendar.

Note: If you use PDS Facility Scheduler to upload events to this calendar, your changes only display in Parish Life. Changes are not sent back or reflected in Facility Scheduler.