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Manage Safe Environment

Once you've added background check and other requirement information on records, you can manage it all in one place.

Note: Remember, you can use templates to quickly add this information to member and/or personnel records.
  1. On the File menu, click Safe Environment > Manage Safe Environment.
  2. Select the options to build the list of records you want to work with.
    1. In the grid, select the requirements you want to display. These will become the columns in your list. Limit the number of items for easier viewing.
    2. On the right, select which types of records you want to view. These selections determine whose records display in your list.
  3. Click Continue/OK. Your list displays.
  4. You can change what displays in the list.
    • Select Show Date Expires to see the date each item is set to expire or has expired, if applicable.
    • Select Show Results to see the result for each item, if applicable.
    • Choose between Show All, Only Inactive (displayed in red), or Only 1 or More Expired (displayed in blue).
    • Click Show Summaries to see the completed and incomplete items for the selected record.
    • If you need to change the options you used to build the list, click Options at the top.
  5. To open an individual's record, select it in the list and click Load/Edit Details.
  6. You can export your list to a file. Select the appropriate records, then click Export. Select a file location, enter a file name with the extension .txt or .csv, then click Open. Click Use/OK.
    When the export completes, you can browse to the file location and open your file.
  7. You can send a letter that lists an individual's completed, incomplete, and expired requirements. Select the appropriate records, then click Letters. Click Next to proceed through the report wizard and print the letters.
    Tip: You might send a letter to let individuals know what they need to do to update their safe environment items. You can modify the body of the letter to include additional information. For example, you could include the dates for upcoming training classes related to the selected requirements.
  8. If needed, you can also print labels and/or envelopes. Select the appropriate records, then click Labels or Envelopes. Click Next to proceed through the wizard and print the labels/envelopes.
  9. When you're finished, click Close.