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Set Batch Number and Tax Limit Information

Batch numbers are automatically inserted when you post financial information. If you'd like, you can determine the next number to use.

The IRS requires substantiation for tax-deductible cash contributions and for Quid Pro Quo contributions above a specified amount. Tax Limits refer to the IRS donation substantiation regulations, and you can obtain this information from the IRS.

  1. On the File menu, click Setup > Batch Number and Tax Limit Information.
  2. Under Batch Number, assign the next batch number to use.
  3. Under Tax Limits, enter the amounts you obtained from IRS regulations.
    Note: Make sure to update these amounts whenever IRS regulations change.
  4. For the last option, determine whether cash contributions made on the same day should be combined. Select Yes, for example, if you want to combine a $150 contribution to the church and a $150 contribution to the Building Fund Drive made on the same day into a $300 contribution in order to meet the substantiation requirements.
  5. Click Save/OK.