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Set Up Catechist Certification Requirements

You can set up your Diocesan and other requirements for catechist certification.

Ten levels (I through IX and Renewal) are available. Each level tab contains the following side tabs:
  • Requirements Recap—Lists all the required courses, elective courses, other requirements, and total units required for certification.
  • Required Courses—Lists all courses required for certification as defined by your organization.
  • Elective Course—Lists courses that are not necessarily required for certification as defined by your organization.
  • Other Requirements—Lists the other requirements needed for certification, as defined by your organization. You can manually enter a course name and description.
  1. On the File menu, click Setup > Certification Requirements.
  2. Select the level you want to insert a requirement for.
  3. Click a side tab to insert either a required course, elective course, or other requirement.
  4. Click the add icon green plus sign and enter the requirement information.
  5. Click the reorder icon blue arrow pointing up next to blue arrow pointing down to move more frequently used items to the beginning of the list. This can save time during data entry. Or, to sort the list numerically and then alphabetically, click Sort.
  6. Click Save/OK.

Once you set up certification requirements, you can assign them to catechists to complete.