Add a Parish or Facility Record

Add a record for any parish or facility you want to track.
  1. On the Parishes & Facilities tab, click Parishes & Facilities.
  2. At the top, click Add Parish.
  3. Enter the name and ID of the parish/facility.
    Note: For your convenience, you can configure DioOffice to assign ID numbers automatically. For more information, see Set ID Number Options.
  4. Enter any other necessary details.
  5. At the top, click Save.

Parish and Facility Field Descriptions


In this window, click Add Assignment/Affiliation to insert a person with a position or role at the parish/facility. Use the tabs to view information about the selected person. Click Load Personnel to view the personnel record.

Directory Information

Enter information such as the mission statement and founding date for a parish/facility. You also have the option to display the information in the printed directory.

You can add documents related to this parish/facility. Enter the file name where a file is saved on your computer. Click View Document to open the file with the default program set for your computer.
CAUTION: This does not save the document in the program; it only opens the document from the location on your computer. If you delete the file from the location you enter, it will not display in the program.
Tip: If you need to save a copy of a document in the program (even if you delete the original), use the Add Documents button instead. For more information, see Add Documents.
History Log

Displays a grid where you can record the date and description of significant historical events with an institution. For more, see Manage an Institution's History Log.

Letters, Etc.

Displays a grid where you can keep track of multiple forms of incoming and outgoing correspondence for individuals at this parish/facility. For more, see Track Interactions With People.


Statistics You can keep track of any statistics in this window. Enter the period, statistic, and count.


Password If your diocese has multiple parishes installed on one computer, you can authorize users from those parishes to access all databases. To do this, you must have the passwords for each parish. See Add Data Synchronization Passwords.


Manage funds in this window. For more information, see Development Funds.

Billing Address

Displays the billing address for the institution associated with a particular fund. For more, see Enter a Billing Address.

Individual Letter, Label

Access a report wizard with the option to create a custom label, envelope, or letter report. For more, see Address and Send a Letter.