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Create a Survey

You can create and define a new survey to send to your parishes and facilities.

  1. On the Parishes & Facilities tab, click Surveys.
  2. At the top, click Add Survey.
  3. Enter a survey name and any other information you want to include about the survey.
    • Description for the Parish—Enter a brief survey description for the parishes receiving the survey. You can use this optional field to include any initial instructions that you want to provide to parishes and facilities.
    • Header—This optional field is viewable at the top of the survey window to each parish or facility completing the survey.
    • Start Survey with Overview Open—Select Yes if you want the Overview pane to display as shown below when the parish/facility opens the survey.Example survey with the Overview pane on the left showing the sections of the current survey
    • Prior Survey for Preset Answers—You can use previously-provided answers by parishes/facilities in your new survey in order to save time for them while completing the survey. The prior survey you select should be a copy that was made on the survey list using the Copy Survey option.
  4. Click Add Section and make your selections. You can add questions under each section, or add subsections to nest questions under.
  5. When you're done adding sections, subsections, questions, and text, click Save. To see what it will look like, click Preview Survey.
  6. When you're done creating the survey, click Close.
    Note: If necessary, you can save a survey and edit it at a later time. Come back to this list, select the survey, and click Define this Survey.

Survey Field Descriptions

Add Section

You can protect each section you add to the survey with a password. If you select Yes for Authorization Required and the parish/facility user doesn't have All Access to the Survey section, they won't be able to submit a survey to the diocese. For more on password protection, see Assign Individual Survey Access.

Add Subsection

If needed, you can add subsections to organize your questions into categories that make sense.

Add Question
The following are options for the Simple Question types:
  • Indent—Enter a numerical value according to how much you want the question indented.
  • Answer Width—Enter a numerical value according to the width that you want for the answer field.
The following are options for the Grid question types:
  • Rows tab—The Simple Rows selection can be used to specify the number of rows in the grid that the program will create. It works for small entries such as single digits. Use the Row List selection to add, name, delete, and reorder rows in the grid. This works for larger multi-character entries.
  • Columns tab—You can set the type, width, and choices for a column. You can also add, name, delete, and reorder columns in the grid.
Add Text

This is typically a statement that provides information before a question.