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Scan Gifts to a Batch

Scan your contributors' manual gifts.

  1. In the top-left corner, click your ministry hub then Realm. Then click Giving > Contributions.
  2. In the Manual tab, click Add a Batch.
  3. Enter the batch Description and Gift Date.
  4. Optional: Select the Default Fund, and enter the Expected Amount.
  5. Click Save & Add Gifts.
  6. Click Scan Checks. You are prompted to enter your check details.
    Graphic showing the Pre-select Check Details window.
  7. Select the Gift Type, and select Nondeductible if it applies.
  8. Select the Fund.
  9. Optional: Enter a Memo.
  10. Optional: Enter the check's endorsement to print it directly from your scanner.
  11. Click Start Scanning.
    Graphic showing the Scan Your Checks window.
  12. Click Done Scanning.
    Graphic showing the Complete window.
  13. After all of your checks scan into Realm:
    • Click Review to review your scans and match accounts.

    • Click Scan More if you need to scan additional checks.

    Graphic showing the View Scanned Checks window.
  14. Complete all fields pertaining to each check. A confidence indicator displays if Realm isn't sure of the amount written on the check. If you see this, enter a new amount if you need to.
  15. While you review...
    • For each check you approve, click Save & Next. As you save, you will match accounts to the check. The next time you scan a check from a matched individual, Realm will recognize it.

    • If you need to scan a check again, click Re-scan.

  16. Click Close when you're finished with your review. All saved checks will display within the batch.
    Note: If a scanned check displays as Unassigned or Unknown, click the more actions icon from the list, and select Edit to review it again and enter the missing information.