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Order a Background Check

Screen your volunteers using Realm background checks.

Permissions Required

To order background checks, an administrator must give users permission from the Verified First website. Log into your Verified First account and create a new user with those rights.

Extension Required

You must install the Verified First browser extension to order and review background checks from within Realm.

Visit this page to install the browser extension.

Administrators can screen your church staff and volunteers using the comprehensive background check system in Realm. You can order a background check from anyone's profile.
  1. Locate and open the profile.
  2. Click the Info tab.
  3. If this is the first time you've ordered a background check for this person, in the Background Checks section, hover your mouse over Screen with Verified First and select Place New Order. If you've ordered background checks for this person before, hover your mouse over the report button in the Background Checks section, and select Place a New Order.
  4. Log in with your Verified First credentials.
  5. Enter and submit the individual’s information using the background check form. The button displays Order Processing until the check is ready for review. Then, the button will display Needs Review.
  6. If you don't have all the necessary information about the individual to complete the background check, click Send Invite on the form. Verified First will email the person a link with instructions to complete the background check. The button displays Waiting on Applicant until the applicant responds.