You can promote group members from one class to the next.

Promoting members from one class to the next has three basic steps: Set Up, Approve, and Promote.

Before setting up your promotion tracks in Realm, take time to plan how promotion best works for your church. For example, your 8th Grade class may promote to your 9th Grade class, while 9th Grade promotes to 10th Grade. Organizing this in advance of time gives you a big picture and makes setup easier.

CAUTION: When you promote group members, this deletes the ministry area attributes associated with their profiles.

Once you've planned your promotion order, link the classes together in a promotion track on the Setup tab of the Promotion page. This is where you tell Realm that 8th Grade promotes to 9th Grade, 9th Grade to 10th Grade, and so on.

When you complete the promotion track setup, a new Promote tab displays on the Promotion page. This is where you go to approve class members for promotion.

You can view the status of each class promotion on the Promote tab.

Status Icons

red sphere icon A red circle means no one in this group is marked for promotion.

yellow sphere icon A yellow circle means one or more members are marked, but not yet approved.

green sphere icon A green circle means promotions are approved and will process once you click Promote.