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Record Insights

Record insights are a flexible data visualization that puts mission-critical information front and center. Users (causal and advanced!) can access insights with the click of a button and leverage the power of the Platform in new ways. Endlessly customizable, you get to choose which insights empower your users to do your church your way. They're the perfect companion to record facts, too, so use both to strategically make ministry easier!

  • Record insights are page-based and are available on the General tab of their identified page.
  • The Platform comes pre-loaded with insights so you can start using them on day one, no set-up necessary. And if you don't want to set up your own record insights, that's totally fine. Check out each record insight page to see what's waiting for you.
  • There's no limit to the number of insights you can have per page. If you have more insights than fit on a screen, just scroll to see more! But beware of overwhelming your Users. Like record facts, record insights should highlight key information to provide a smooth entry and focus. Think snapshot, not a feature film.
  • Record insights are dynamic. If there are insights configured for a page that doesn't apply to a specific record, no problem. The record insight simply won't display.
  • You get to choose which record insights display and the order they are in.
  • Need to access the general tab without the insights? Switch the Insights toggle to hide the record insights and gain valuable screen real estate. Click the toggle again and they'll display again.
  • Record insights are available (and look great) on mobile devices!

Record Insight Types

  • Image Collection: A view-based collection of images associated with the record.
  • Single Image: A single image associated with the record—but not necessarily the default image, because you get to do your church your way.
  • Map: A map showing a single location, for example, a Group meeting location or Household address.
  • Multi-Map: Because sometimes one location just isn't enough, a view-based collection of locations display on a map.
  • Chart: A view based chart of information related to the record.
  • Text & Token: A flexible, completely customizable HTML-based insight highlighting what matters most to your church.