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Troubleshooting Forms W-2

You can troubleshoot issues with Forms W-s-2.

Here are several situations you may experience after printing Forms W-2.

Why doesn't a W-2 print for one employee?

A state tax code was selected on the W-2 tab in Period End Reports for a state that does not have state taxes. This can also occur if you do not enter a federal tax code on the Taxes tab in Add/Edit Employees.

The wrong state tax ID number printed on several employees' W-2.

Be sure the correct state tax ID number is present for the dataset for which you are processing Forms W-2. To verify the state tax ID number for the dataset, under Advanced Tools, click the Select Dataset tab. In the Select Dataset window, select the correct dataset and click Edit.

In addition, if you entered a state's two-character postal code in the State field, you must enter the correct state tax ID number in the State Tax ID field.

My W-2s are not correctly aligned.

If only the second W-2 on the page does not line up, use the Adjust 2nd W-2 option. Entering 1 represents a 16th of an inch. A minus amount brings the 2nd W-2 up and a positive amount pushes the 2nd W-2 down.

If the entire W-2 is off, you can adjust the margins first and then adjust the 2nd W-2 if needed. The default margins are .5 for the 2-up statement and .25 for the 4-up statement. If you need to adjust the margins, click the Page Setup icon in the Preview window, then click the Margins tab.

The housing allowance does not print on my pastor's W-2. How do I get it to print?

You can print the housing allowance on the pastor's W-2.

  1. Under Manage Records, click the Period End Procedures tab.
  2. From the drop-down list, click Add/Edit W-2 Totals and click Go .
  3. In box a Employee, select the individual.
  4. In box 14 Other, select Override Box 14 Totals.
  5. Under 14 Other, enter the housing allowance amount.
  6. Click Apply to save the changes.
Note: On the Add Edit Adjustment Menu, the W-2 Box adjustment lets you automatically display accumulative amounts for the specific adjustments in the following W-2 total fields (Boxes 8, 10, 12 a-d, or 14). ACS allows you to override the amount if the adjustment W-2 box is not selected.

The W-2 does not reflect the correct Federal Wages in Box 1

The employee's record did not have a Federal Tax Code on the Taxes tab in Add/Edit Employees until December. You should edit Form W-2 for the correct time period and submit the corrections to the IRS.