Loading the Tax Update

You should load your tax update for year-end in ACS.

Throughout the year, ACS Technologies publishes tax table updates on our website.

After your last payroll run of the previous year, but before processing the first payroll of the new year, and before printing federal forms (W-2, W-3, 941, 1099, or 1096), ACS Technologies recommends that you load the tax update. The updates are located on the ACS Client Portal and include Federal and State tax changes. When a new tax update is available, view the release notes to find out what tax changes are included.

If using the networked version of ACS, you may need to log in on the network as a network administrator to run the update. As with all ACS upgrades and revisions, all users should log out of ACS before running the update. Once you run the update, all other workstations will be prompted to upgrade as well.

Note: Loading the tax update does not affect the local tax table codes. You must manually enter changes to local taxes.