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Preparing and Printing Form 1099 at Year-End

Prepare and print form 1099 for year-end.

While Form W-2 reports wages, salaries, and tips, Form 1099 NEC (nonemployee compensation) reports miscellaneous income paid to independent contractors.

If you've paid an independent contractor $600 or more or royalties over $10 during a calendar year, you should print Form 1099 NEC for that vendor.

Any vendor with invoices marked as 1099 and paid in the selected tax year receives a 1099. If the vendor is marked as a 1099 vendor during setup, all invoices for that vendor are marked as 1099 purchases unless the 1099 option is cleared during invoice entry. For vendors not marked as a 1099 vendor, you can mark an invoice as a 1099 purchase during invoice entry. After entering invoices, you can edit a vendor's record to add or clear the 1099 option.

When generating Form 1099, ACS selects only those vendors with purchases totaling $600 or more. To see these vendors, you can print the YTD Purchases List. You can also include deactivated vendors or vendors paid less than $600 or royalties under $10.

Before preparing Form 1099, we suggest printing the YTD Purchases List and the Check/Invoice Cross Reference report to verify vendor totals. We also recommend printing the forms on blank paper first to check for errors.

Preparing and Printing Form 1099

  1. Under Generate Reports, click the Period End Reports tab.
  2. In the drop-down list, select Accounts Payable 1099s and 1096, then click Go .
  3. On the Reports tab, select 1099 NEC - Laser Printer, 1099 NEC Correction - Laser Printer, 1099 NEC - Laser (Blank Paper 4 Part Forms), or 1099 NEC Correction - Laser (Blank Paper 4 Part Forms).
  4. To enter the beginning and ending date range for the 1099 information that you want to include in the 1099 totals, use Print Transactions From and to.
  5. To select report options, click the Setup tab.
  6. Enter Report Options, Tax IDs, and Selection Options.
  7. To preview the 1099s prior to printing, click Preview. To print the 1099s, click Print.

Form 1099 Additional Field Information

Detailed information that could be helpful for year-end.

Additional Field Information

Report Options

  • Sort by — To print 1099s in a particular order, select a sort option.
  • Fed Tax ID and State Tax ID — Verify your federal and state tax ID numbers. Boxes 17 and 18 must be completed before you can electronically file state 1099s.

Vendor Options

  • Include Inactive Vendors — To print 1099s for both inactive and active vendors, select this option.
  • Include 1099 Purchases Under $600 and Royalties Under $10 — To print 1099s for vendors with 1099 purchases that total less than $600 and royalties under $10, select this option.
  • Vendor Type — To filter by vendor type, select this option and click Select to choose the vendor types.

Selection Options

  • Vendor Code — To filter by vendor code, enter a range of vendor codes or click Lookup to select Vendor codes.
  • Vendor Name — To filter by vendor names, enter a range of vendor names or click Lookup to select Vendor names.
  • YTD Purchases — Enter a range of year-to-date purchase amounts as the filter.
  • YTD 1099 Purchases — a range of year-to-date 1099 purchase amounts as the filter.
  • Print 1096 — Click to select 1096 information for printing.